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China Income & Growth

Through the China Income & Growth Fund, we look to add discipline in an often undisciplined market. The Fund, which seeks to enhance returns and control risks, provides investors direct investment in China’s A-share equity market through an actively managed and diversified portfolio of Chinese stocks.

Fund Snapshots: China Income & Growth Fund

Why TD Greystone Asset Management

TD Greystone’s public equities team constructs and maintains a diversified portfolio of Chinese common stocks (A-shares) to generate dividend income which TD Greystone believes is superior to that generally available in the Chinese domestic equity market and achieve long-term capital appreciation. The team uses the TD Greystone Income & Growth investment process that blends screening, fundamental business analysis and team-based portfolio decision-making, while carefully managing risk.

The Modern Chinese Consumer<br />New Economy Opportunities

The Modern Chinese Consumer
New Economy Opportunities

The Chinese consumer market is expanding rapidly, aided by a burgeoning middle class that’s driving economic growth in China. Our Public Equities ViewPoint discusses the significant growth of online platforms in China, and how companies engaged in this area are said to be a part of the "new economy".

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The information is that of Greystone as of Oct 31, 2018 or earlier. As of Nov 1, 2018, Greystone now operates as TD Greystone Asset Management.

Enhancing Portfolios with Chinese Equities

Enhancing Portfolios with Chinese Equities

China has experienced a remarkable transformation and is on pace to be the world’s largest economy in the next decade. Given this growing importance in the global economy, China is becoming a necessary component of any global equity allocation. While the benefits of an allocation to China are evident, the methods for investing in Chinese equities deserve further exploration

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The information is that of Greystone as of Oct 31, 2018 or earlier. As of Nov 1, 2018, Greystone now operates as TD Greystone Asset Management.


Combining global discipline with local knowledge

Selecting high quality growth companies

Proactively managing risk


We utilize a bottom-up approach to the Chinese markets to build and manage a portfolio of quality companies with satisfactory dividend yields, sustainable profitability and long-term business growth, which will produce dividend growth into the future. We combine our international expertise with direct access to Chinese market intelligence to generate insights in the A-shares market. Our screening identifies stocks with high-impact characteristics, while our fundamental qualitative analysis of the resulting investment candidates enables us to select the best ideas for future dividend growth. Our team-based decision-making process is applied and results in a 20-30 stock holding, equally-weighted portfolio of Chinese stocks generating attractive income and long-term capital appreciation for our clients.



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